Lundoch Diagnostics

Lundoch Diagnostics was founded on Dec 02, 2020, by Dr. Yang De Marinis, who is also Associate Professor at Lund University and Professor at Shandong University. She led and published a large international study on more than 7000 individuals from 8 countries, followed for up to 20 years, and discovered biomarkers in the blood that can be used to predict type 2 diabetes many years before an individual develops the disease. Since type 2 diabetes is largely preventable if the risk is detected early enough, this discovery makes efficient diabetes prevention possible, and has huge impact in saving the world from diabetes.

Based on the scientific discovery, Lundoch developed AI-driven LDcoder, which is the world’s first and only blood test technology to detect diabetes risk many years before any symptom strikes. The patent on LDcoder is now in national phase in Europe, USA, China, Japan, Brazil, Korea, Mexico, Australia and Canada. A cloud solution of LDcoder has been implemented, which provides large patient data analysis and management. Lundoch obtained CE marking for LDcoder software, and two protein assays for blood test within the LDcoder platform. Lundoch also acquired an external market analysis, and is establishing B2B service providing LDcoder to various e-Healthcare providers and blood testing service centers.


Medeon Science Park
Per Albin Hanssons väg 41
SE – 205 12 Malmö, Sweden

Yang den Marinis, CEO
M +46 73-821 11 81

Medeon är en viktig life science-nod med sin centrala placering och specifika nätverk som erbjuder en av Öresundsregionens bästa tillväxtmiljöer för företagande och främjar utbytet mellan akademi, det offentliga och näringslivet.

Catrine Pauckstadt
Communications Manager