Framtix Holdings AB

Framtix Holdings AB, incorporated in Malmo, owns Eco BactiX and Eco FungusX, an EU patent applied product, designed to kill harmful germs in a closed space for a period of two years. The product is a result of ten years of research in the field of nanotech green chemistry and aims to provide extensive applications in the following fields.

The product is a thin film (coat) applied on the wall, ceiling, door, glass. The thin film kills all harmful germs for a period of two years.

Market Size
Antimicrobial coating market, as per industry research is a USD 6.5 Billion market. Pre Covid 19, it was growing at 13% YOY. Post Covid 19, it is slated to grow by 300%.

Immediate market for EcobactiX

  1. Hospital: Dispensary, Primary Care Market, Home for the Elderly, ICU/CCU
  2. Hospitality: Mall, Hotel, Guest House, School, Airport, School, Real Estate
  3. Transport: Aircraft, Cruise-liner, Yacht, Ship, Train, Taxi, Metro

Sanitizers-good for one-time disinfection Coating-largely silver nano based, limited effectiveness

Product milestones

  1. Certification from TUV Nord for REACH certification.
  2. Certification from TUV Nord for product effectiveness on Bacteria, Fungus, Mildew.
  3. Certification from Biotech Testing Service for product efficiency on Virus.

Product Advantages
Eco Friendly, Color Neutral, Odor less, Nontoxic, Room fit to use in two hours of application

Management Team

Lars Erik Skjutare (Chairman of the Board)
Nitesh Mittal (CFO and Board member)
Michael Hermansson (Board Member)
Shrutidhar Paliwal (CEO and Board Member)

Selma Kuric



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Catrine Pauckstadt
Communications Manager