Viramal is a pioneering specialist Pharma company based in the UK and Sweden at the cutting-edge of research and development into vaginal and reproductive health. Its focus is on delivering a portfolio of proprietary transdermal, trans-vaginal technologies and platforms designed to treat a range of debilitating conditions commonly experienced by women throughout their lives.

A‘Doctor-led’, purpose-driven company, Viramal is focused on developing healthcare products which target the unmet needs of women arising from their increasing longevity and decreasing fertility. The Directors believe that women’s sexual and reproductive health has to date, been neglected and is currently underserved by available drugs and medication.

Viramal’s vision is to help make the lives of women everywhere, better.
It is therefore driven by a passion to put the needs of women at the centre of its clinical excellence, innovation and approach to safer medicine.
It is committed to protect, preserve, restore and maintain vaginal well-being, helping and informing women on how to take control of their biological lifecycles. From menstruation, fertility, reproduction, conception, disease, pain management and sexual health, Viramal’s goal is to be an advocate in helping to improve the quality of women’s health.
Its purpose is: Every Woman. Well

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Mary Myzer
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Medeon är en viktig life science-nod med sin centrala placering och specifika nätverk som erbjuder en av Öresundsregionens bästa tillväxtmiljöer för företagande och främjar utbytet mellan akademi, det offentliga och näringslivet.

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