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Biofilms – Research Center for Biointerfaces is a translational research programme covering five research groups at Malmö University. The core strengths of the Center is i) our broad expertise, spanning the range from theoretical modeling to clinical sciences, and ii) our long experience in working with industry and relating to their needs.

The general aim of the research activities at the Center is to understand, predict and control material/cell/tissue interactions with medical, dental, food and environmental applications. We strive to further integrate education (BSc, MSC, PhD), a cornerstone for the future of the Center. Particularly, one goal is to further integrate Master-level education into our research activities also at an operational level in specific projects.

We offer:

• A multidisciplinary problem-oriented approach to questions related to biofilms and biological interfaces.
• Flexibility and creativity in finding the optimal project strategy in collaboration with each individual client
• State of the art equipment in our core research areas
• Resources gathered within one Center, providing established routines for collaboration with industry to the benefit of all parts involved

Malmö Universitet
Malmö Biointerface
Per Albin Hansson väg 37 
SE- 214 32 Malmö 

Therese Nordström, PhD / Director BRCB
Phone: +46 40 66 57 663
Cellphone: +46 703 625208



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Catrine Pauckstadt
Communications Manager