Humanus Dental

Humanus Dental offers a cutting edge range within the advanced consumption range for surgical dental care. With service, responsiveness and professional management, we will be a comprehensive partner and our main goal is to grow with our customers.

We market innovative products from ACE Surgical Supply Co. (USA), Ethicon (USA) and Scandi Biomedical (Denmark). This team layout provides access to bone replacement, resorbable membranes, sutures and wound healing products, as well as bacterial and genetics analyzes for periodontitis and periimplantation and detection of oral cancer.

We also act as representatives of Neoss implantation systems in Skåne and Denmark and Martin Ganslandt is the company's face in these markets.

Together, these products create a portfolio through which a clinician can solve most challenging situations in surgical dental care.

Humanus Dental
Medeon Science Park
SE-205 12 Malmö

Martin Ganslandt, VD
Phone: +46 40-650 17 32
Mobile: +46 73-420 01 90


Medeon är en viktig life science-nod med sin centrala placering och specifika nätverk som erbjuder en av Öresundsregionens bästa tillväxtmiljöer för företagande och främjar utbytet mellan akademi, det offentliga och näringslivet.

Catrine Pauckstadt
Communications Manager