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Lundoch Diagnostics launches revolutionary test for very early detection of type 2 diabetes risk

LDcoder, the world's first blood test that detects very early risk of diabetes before any clinical symptom, is now launched by Medeon's new incubator company Lundoch Diagnostics. The test identifies people who are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes as early as four years earlier than any conventional tests available today.

Globally, the number of people affected by type 2 diabetes is increasing rapidly. Currently, 425 million individuals aged 20–79 years worldwide have diabetes. Furthermore, 352 million people are at risk of developing diabetes and the majority of them are without knowing their risk. By using LDcoder, it is for the first time ever possible to detect at-risk individuals early enough to take measures that may prevent diabetes. The test has the potential to revolutionize diabetes screening and prevention in healthcare worldwide.

Diabetes prevention by early risk screening: launching of LDcoder
“Type 2 diabetes is a terrible disease. High blood sugar levels over time may cause complications including blindness, amputation, heart diseases, kidney failure, stroke and even death. But it is possible to take preventive actions very early on to decrease diabetes risk. Screening individuals with LDcoder would identify individuals with high risk before they develop diabetes and make prevention possible. This will dramatically decrease the risk of having diabetes and improve overall health," says Yang de Marinis, founder and CEO of Lundoch Diagnostics, Associate Professor at Lund University and Professor at Shandong University in China.

LDcoder consists of two protein detection kits that analyze the circulating levels of two biomarkers in blood, combined with an AI-powered software that evaluates the individual's risk of developing diabetes. The technology is based on extensive research and clinical studies led by Yang de Marinis, which was published last year in the prestigious scientific journal Nature Communications. The study followed ~7000 individuals from different countries for up to 20 years and discovered key proteins as predictors of diabetes progression.

"Today, diabetes is solely diagnosed by blood sugar levels. Consequently, healthcare only finds those patients who have already developed the disease, which is almost impossible to reverse. LDcoder has therefore huge value to detect early risk before any elevation of blood sugar levels. This will bring significant benefits to individuals and society,” says Yang de Marinis.

Diabetes prevention by improving health condition: launching of LDwell
LDwell is launched at the same time as LDcoder by Lundoch. It is a web- based wellness program that helps people to improve their diet and physical activity.

"We offer LDwell to people that are identified to have high risk of developing diabetes by LDcoder and help them choose health over illness. It has been shown by many clinical studies that life-style improvement can reduce the risk of developing diabetes by up to 60 percent, at early stage. Our health expert, Adam Norlén helps to improve their diet and exercise patterns with personal coaching. The individual is tested by LDcoder every 6 months to track the health condition for the best improvement of their wellbeing.”, says Yang de Marinis.

Due to its innovation and potential global impact, Lundoch Diagnostics was recently selected by the newspaper Ny Teknik as one of the year's top 33 innovative tech companies in Sweden.

Lundoch is a member of the Medeon Incubator.

"Medeon has great resources for startups and is a perfect platform for growing our company.” Besides collaborations with healthcare providers in Sweden, Lundoch is also working together with another Medeon company SmartCare, which provides digital solutions for health care systems in India, and plan to launch LDcoder and LDwell in India. “From here, we will grow globally!”" says Yang de Marinis. The companies were introduced to each other in one of Medeon´s lunch network event early in the incubator process.

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Catrine Pauckstadt
Communications Manager